best pathfinding system?

Hi all,

I’m currently working on a game which will have small squad of 3 hero players which are controlled around a map, much like a traditional RTS. I’ve been looking around for the best, quickest, most easy-to-use and most flexible pathfinding tool available for unity to control my squad. I’ve tried Unity’s navmesh agents, A* pathfinding and as I search for answers more and more questions arise - can anyone with pathfinding knowledge help me pick the right tool? … or maybe just share some thoughts on the matter? - I’ve recently added PlayMaker to the mix, and I’m quite happy with it - so a pathfinding tool that would work/integrate well with PlayMaker would be an ideal match for me.

I’m really looking forward to hearing from you

Thanks in advance

Just looking back through my old questions - and came across this one.

Since I asked this question, I found several different good solutions but the best one I’ve found (and the easiest to use) is Unity’s own navigation tools which was intoduced a few versions back. It does require UnityPro! if you haven’t bought it yet - this is one of the many good reasons to consider doing so