Best Paying Interstitial Video Ads with Unity Bindings

I make Paint My Cat. It’s cool, and it’s not selling badly on iOS, but it’s not easy to get high volume sales with paid apps, and I’m told it’s even harder on Android (coming soon…)

I’m looking at a version of the app that is free, and generates a small amount of revenue from banner adds, and a hopefully larger amount through interstitial videos.

There’s a lot of ad platforms out there. Has anyone investigated which pay best, and which are easiest to integrate with Unity? Given the choice, I’d rather go with something that has a pre-written Unity binding, but if there were a good reason, I could write my own Objective-C to plugin to any other ad platform.

Also, I’m a little confused about e.g. Flurry, which seems to offer interstitial video, but is then mediating for multiple ad networks. Do you get higher revenue from using a service like Flurry across networks, or is it a wash? Are there any headaches with supporting specifics of different ad providers on the same intermediary?

Is anyone able to make a recommendation?


PS. What’s Paint My Cat? Paint My Cat App Demo - YouTube

Good comment by Julien, but just gonna say anyways to ferretnt that I’ve been using UnityAds for literally 2 days now, and so far its like the best thing ever. Their admin interface online is super clean and easy to use and set up game id’s, and the actual code in-game to initialise and show an interstitial is less than 10 lines. I don’t think they support banner ads, but yolo. Good luck :slight_smile: