Best PC for Unity?

Hello Community,

currently, we are testing Unity 2.6 and certainly we will switch to Unity. We are working on a car simulator. Now we want to buy a new PC for that. Do you have any tips for the configuration?

Our plans:

Windows 7 Professional (32bit, 64bit?)

Intel Xeon W3520 at 2,66 Ghz


nVidia Quadro FX 4600

Good plans? Especially at the CPU we aren't shure if Unity can use 4 cores. Again: any tips?

Thank you!


I would refer you to this post where you will find all the info you need (about Unity and multi-core CPU)!

Considering that unity can run in a browser, I think any old computer will do. I am not sure if you need shader 2.0 or not though.

Regarding windows, if I were you I would definitely go for 64bit, as you will only get 3.25GB of ram if you go with 32bit. It will not matter to unity though, as it runs on one core only (as far as I know).

Aquaria is a nice looking game and was made with unity, so there is not shortage of what you can accomplish.