Best pracices: Object communication without references


I was wondering how I can get different scripts to communicate with each other and optimize the number of references used.

You question is fairly abstract but you might be wanting something like the NotificationCenter script on the wiki

Consider this situation, you have a SoundManager script that plays sounds when things happen in the game. You would like loose coupling between the sound manager and game objects. You don’t want each character to have a reference to the sound manager and you don’t want the SoundManager to know about the characters.


SoundManager registers with the NotificationCenter to receive events they are interested in.

NotificationCenter.DefaultCenter().AddObserver(this, "OnBumperCollision");
NotificationCenter.DefaultCenter().AddObserver(this, "OnSkidding");

Character objects post notifications when something happens:

NotificationCenter.DefaultCenter().PostNotification(this, "OnBumperCollision");

These scripts don’t need references to each other. The SoundManager script can be re-used in several different games without knowing anything about the Classes used by the characters.

have one script call another. traditionally scripts are attached to a game object.

You call them by using getcomponent

in C# its


you would store that instance of that script if you needed to reuse it so you didnt have to keep searching

script_name my_script;

my_script = GameObject.GetComponent<script_name>();