Best practice character animation [JS]

Hi all,

What is the best practice when setting up a character animation in Unity3D via JavaScript? Are there any ‘must-do’s’? For example, should i have the code saved in a character script attached to the character or should it be in an external script attached to another main object? Is the Animation Controller the best way to set up animations? Can i directly trigger an animation such as "yawn’ straight from a node in Animation Controller or do i have to trigger it via a bool etc?

I have given it my best shot but i just can’t seem to get it to work, i had a discussion here but i couldn’t get it solved: link text

Please please please could someone help me get a basic ‘Hello World’ animation triggered from a separate script using JS?? I’m seriously going insane! My little peanut brain is working over time so clear code would be so helpful.

Cheers guys