Best practice for Android UI Applications

Hi. I have trying for 2 days to do a menu application for android.
I have experience in Unity but this is the first time with android and the new UI system.

My problems:
-Can’t make the aplication look good for every screen android ratio.
-On the Canvas Render Mode, i dont know what render mode to use.
-The menu needs to have a left side itens that hide to the left and appears when the user press a button. Just like the standarts android applications. And i have big troubles here…

I read a lot on unity documentation but i need more…

You can use Screen Space - Overlay for standard ui look.
You need to set the anchors
![alt text

As it’s seen, you have to set the white triangles around your item, so that the items on Android will auto-resize to fit however you make it in the editor.

You should use button’s onClick event. Add a function, create a panel(this will be your menu) and set it OnClick event, then choose GameObject.SetActive as function. Tick rectangle botttom, and when you press the button, the panel will be shown you choose!