Best practice for character customization(unity3d free)?

So i’m at that point in development that i cant continue unless i have this figured out.

For my game,i want the player to chose between characters and chose what weapon/ equipment and maybe even skin to use.
The customization needs to work for online play and offline.
For the multiplayer part of the game, i use BOLT.

So whats the best way to do this? i dont have pro so the bundle stuff isnt an option.

I have a couple of tools at my disposal but i’m not scared of scripting(but also not a pro at it).
Tools/unity assets:
Core game kit+ pooling.
Save Game-JSON+Binary.

Your advice will be much appreciated.

How much of that do you currently have in single-player? The GUIs will clearly be identical in single/multi, so you can write them now.

Otherwise, I think multi-player solutions are just single-player + networking. Think you can safely make any single-player gun swapper, and then figure out how to network it.

Are you asking about how to stream new assets? Like Kayla picks the custom pirate skin, which Kyle needs to download? Or does everyone just load all assets with every patch.