Best Practice for Language System


In my application I have Xml, and for each string I get the single value from the xml, in this way:
XmlNode node = xmlDocument.SelectSingleNode (“// * [@ key = '” + key + “']”);

  • What is the best way to create a language system?
  • I found that JsonUtility is faster than Xml, but is it possible to get a single value?
  • Using JsonUtility should I load all the Cached Language file?

It depends on preference. I’d say XML is better than json because it’s more widespread and more people are used to working with XML (which makes translation easier if it’s on a public project site), but I personally use a simple plain text file which I import into Unity and place into arrays of strings. Note that what I’m doing is very vile and rogue, however that is my preference, it’s not necessarily the best. You have to decide what you’re going to regret the least and what you and the people who will work on it would like to work on the most.