Best practice: URL address for storing streamed music files

I plan to use the WWW class to stream music files for my web browser game. I am not entirely sure where i should be storing and retrieving the .ogg files from though. If i host them on my own site and link to that, i run the risk of a problem occurring with my site, which will break the game in every other site that runs it.
I thought i might need to find a way to keep a copy of the music files with each copy of the embedded game.
What is the best practice for storing and then streaming files into a web browser game?
Thanks in advance.

If you host it on your own site, you can also have scalability issues, since you don’t know in advance how successful your game will be :slight_smile: If you are serious about streaming the music and have good reason to not store it in the build (which is understandable if your music is big compared to the game), I’d say storing in some cloud storage is considerable, like Windows Azure, because you can scale it anytime (for money) to your needs. Then you don’t need copies of your music, since the storage is scaled automatically in the background, and you can also scale it for different geographical regions.