Best Practices for using mesh collider with LOD prefab?

I have a prefab with 4 LOD levels. It works well. I’m looking for suggestions / best practices about adding a Mesh Collider.

The collider will not be needed at low detail levels when the object is far from the camera (there is no shooting in the game).

Does it cause problems if it is added to all levels? Does it create difficulties if added to only one?

Is there a way to add only one collider that is utilized by all LODs rather than overlapping colliders for each LOD? Which is better?

If anyone has experience with this and can offer advice or suggestions, it would be appreciated.


I suggest to not bother with switching between colliders based on LOD distance, neither enabling / disabling them unless the whole chunk of the location should be unloaded. Any changes done to mesh collider component of many objects marked as static would probably affect performance more than just keep them as is.