Best use .PSD or .PNG files for my texture assets?

Anyone have thoughts on using .PSD or .PNG for my graphic assets. I prefer to use .PSD files so I can have my layers, etc. when I need to go back and edit or update the graphics. Is there any disadvantage for using only .PSD files, as opposed to saving what I need as a .PNG or other flat file for import? I’m not sure if this causes any slow down or larger file sizes when I ultimately create my game.

Previously I was saving my PSD files in a folder outside my project, then saving out a PNG when needed for the game texture folder. I thought it would be easier to skip that step.

I curious as to the preference of others when saving out graphic assets. Thanks for any input.

Go for PSD. Unity compresses it before using it anyway, and you get to keep the layers.

The only reason I can think of why you may not want PSDs in your project is that they will inflate the size of your repository causing increased checkout times.

The source format is irrelevant since it’s not used after importing; the only thing that matters is what the texture settings are in Unity.