Best "Quality Settings" for a 2D, pixel art project with lights?

I'm working on a pixel art project in Unity, that I've recently added 3D lights with the default render pipeline (can't use URP and 2D lights as it is broken in my project:

I don't have a huge amount of experience with the various project settings, but in doing lights, I've discovered a few things, like the Lighting and Quality settings.

Up until now, my game has been on PC and always looked great on my screen. I had not realised that everything was on the default of "Very Low" quality settings.

How do the quality settings work? Will it always choose whatever is default?

Initially on my TV I hated the lights, it looked terrible, but I loved it on my PC. I tried turning up the pixel light counts on all of the other settings (initially only Very Low I had turned up to 10,000) and I also turned up the quality to Medium, then Ultra in the Quality Settings. I could have sworn it looked a lot better and smoother on Ultra and Medium. But, turning the settings back to "Very Low", I am not sure if I can tell a difference. I'm not sure what is going on. Not sure how much is my TV being weird or what.

Also, putting the default on Ultra didn't seem to make much difference with boot times or performance. So, really just trying to figure out what seems like the best Quality Settings for a 2D project with lights? I am also considering adding water reflections with a shader, and maybe a ripple effect. Currently no normal maps, might add it but not sure if it needs it.

This is the sort of game I'm talking about:


These are the "Ultra" settings:


And these are the "Very Low" settings I was using before:


The only things I'm thinking "might" be relevant are V-sync, Anti-aliasing and textures. I have V-sync off by default anyway and just have it locked at 60 fps.