Best solution for animated/movie textures in flash build?

Dear wise people of Unity Answers…

I have run into a major problem on my production of a Unity based interactive music video release.
We were aiming to include the artist in some of our scenes, with green screen footage and an alpha shader, working perfectly well for all tests done so far.

Until i finally realized that the proof of concept for the flash platform was not made in a flash build, but in a Web player build (!)

Flash is the main platform this project is to be released on ( i know its a risky affair to release anything based off things still in beta, but i like challenges) and since i just recently realized the MovieTexture is not yet supported by flash, we are now looking into other ways of implementing the artist within the scenes with still images and some kind of animated textures.

Can anyone point me in the direction of the most memory efficient way to do animated textures for a flash build, and does anybody have any experience with this?

I also understood that it could be possible to find a get-around “pushing the pixels to the texture” from somewhere else, but after hours and days of googling around i have to give up and post my first question in here…

The crew is shooting in 10 days from now, and everybody is quite anxious about the end results at this point (I know this is the most stupid thing to ever do a proof of concept with a wrong platform, but this is were the project is right now)

Hope somebody can help me, and i am very sorry if the answer is laying right in front of me, i will be very thankful for any points in the right direction.

Don’t do animated textures. Simply load file using NetSteam in ActionScript and then copy video frame (in Flash) to Unity Texture2D, which can be displayed in Unity.

That sounds doable, and the current unity version flash builds supports this?

Would it be possible to synchronize this with my timing of the game?

And can you point me anywhere near a thread on this somewhere or a more detailed description on how to get this rolling?