Best sprite-sheet animation workflow. (uGUI)

Hi, I am useing the Unity 4.6 Beta to experiment with the UI and I was wondering what is the best workflow for creating animations from sprite-sheets.

I am using the sprite editor to slice up the sheet.

My current workflow is to add an animator to the image and change the image sprite every frame. This takes quite a while, I was wondering if there was a faster/automated way to do this?

It seems like this should be a common task so I am not sure if I am missing something.

I should note that this technique currently does not animate properly due to a bug: Unity Issue Tracker - Animated UI Image Flickers

But that is not the point of the question, it is more a of a workflow query.
alt text

Hi Janus,

I’m certain you’ve figured this out by now but for others interested.

  1. Slice up the sprite using the Sprite Editor as you have done. You should see all your sprite sheet slices -numbered- appear underneath the sprite image in the inspector.
  2. Select all sprite slices (Shift select) you want in a single animation and…
  3. Drag them into the editor window.

Sprite, controller, and animation created automatically.