Best texture compression: TinyPNG + Unity sprite Packer?


I would like to reduce the size of the game so I would like to compress images. What is the best method?

  1. Export a PNG
  2. Compress the PNG with
  3. Add a Packing Tag on the PNG
  4. Set the 16bits format

I don’t know actually if this method could work because Unity converts all textures.

You didn’t specify what platform you’re building for. Unity will re-compress textures when they’re imported, so tinypng won’t help.

  • Make sure the texture sizes are a power of two.
  • Instead of 16bit format, use a compressed format such as DXT.
  • Reduce the size of the textures where the quality is still acceptable. e.g. Particle textures don’t need to be 2048, and probably no one will notice a difference if it’s smaller.
  • Disable mipmaps if they’re not being used.

Unity - Manual: Reduce the File Size of the Build