Best top down game controls?

I’m designing a top down game in which you can switch between melee, ranged and magic “classes” on the fly, in game. The problem I’m having is the melee class seems to work with different controls than the magic, ranged is different than magic etc. Any suggestions on some controls that would work for all classes, keeping in mind that the magic is ranged? Would it be better to have an automatic system that switches the controls based on your current class, or possibly combine two of the classes together?

Shameless plug incoming! InputManager lets the user change the control scheme how they want during game time. I’m always updating as well (even now)

Non-Advertising Answer: In my personal experience a WASD and mouse setup will work for top down games regardless of if it’s melee or ranged. I believe Diablo forgoes the keyboard movement control as an industry standard to simplify controls but that doesn’t mean that your game can’t have WASD movement.

Also: Consider the idea of generalizing your movement script: If you do things right you can have both keyboard to move and click to move systems coexist with eachother in harmony. Giving the player some choice. (Which is what InputManager is all about! )

Hope this is helpful,