Best Unity configuration for 2D games on iPhone

Hey guys,

i have some questions.

I'm currently working on a 2D game for the iPhone.

Everytime I try to import a high quality image, for example an jpg. it always get kinda "washed out" when i try to display it, through a material or guiTexture.

What am I doing wrong?

another question:

I never get more than 30FPS on my iPhone 4, even when I'm only displaying a title screen with a gui texture. When I'm moving a simple gameobject, and let the camera follow, the followeing is very choppy and sluggish, the FPS at this time is around 29,5-30.

Is there a setting which prevents the game to run smoothly? I mean the iPhone is surely capable of handling at least 60 fps. What am i doing wrong?

and my last one :)

what is the best way to use backgrounds or textures in general in a 2d Game? Currently I have a big plane, which i equip with a material, which has the texture i want. The camera is directly above and configured to "orthographic".

This has the negative aspect, that the texture in materials always gets stretched if I want to make a level bigger, and therefore have to change the tiling settings to fit again. Is there another way? How does it Zombieville for example?

I really appreciate any help.

Use a better compression setting. Use the Advanced mode, and the per-platform override. You're probably using PVRTC.

To set the desired frame-rate, open your XCode project generated by Unity iOS, and select the file. Locate and change #define kFPS 30 to a desired value, for example:

define kFPS 60.

I assume you're using a built-in Unity plane. Never use that. Learn to UV a quad.