Best way to apply materials to 52 playing cards

I’m making a game with playing cards (3d). I made one object, separated it into 2 (front and back) and imported it. It then hit me, do I have to make 52 materials for each front? Isn’t that expensive?

Is there an easy way to create 52 different prefabs (I guess?) with 1 material with a different diffuse index?

I’m quite new to this myself but I advise looking into the option of creating a list of GameObjects and using a foreach method to apply your common back image texture.

Then you could use indexing to apply the correct front image texture to each of the 52 card GameObjects.

The result would be that you have a list containing 52 cards you can quickly call and track by their index?

Sorry I’m not able to write example code for my explanation but hopefully I’ve pointed you in the right direction