Best way to build an in-game editor?

Hi guys, I have tried looking over the internet but there are very few examples of in-game editors. I am looking to use it in a project and it is something I have wanted to do for a while. I DO NOT WANT ANY SCRIPT. I am just looking for a way to get started. Do you guys have any idea what would be the best way about it?

Thanks in advance


The way in which you create an in-game editor will depend largely upon the nature of the game that you are developing.

For example, if you were creating a puzzle game or a tile based game then the best solution might be an in-game tile painter with a selection of tools, tiles and actors.

If you were creating a 3D game with terrains then you could use a procedurally generated mesh and allow the player to pull the terrain up/down. Objects could then be placed using a cursor of some sort (be it mouse controlled, touch controlled). You could even use an in-game character to place objects!

Custom levels could then be persisted using local files, player preferences or even via WWW onto a server for other players to share. To make this easy for the player to work with you could designate a fixed number of “Custom Level” slots.

This question could be better answered if you gave an idea as to the nature of the game that you are developing.