Best way to create cinematic cut scenes

What’s the best way to insert cinematic (cartoon) cut scenes in my game?

Such scenes can be easily created in flash using its animation tools. How to achieve that in Unity?

Or am I left with the only way to do that - render such scenes in flash as avi files and insert them in unity like video? I don’t like that way because of huge space needed to store videos.

One way would be to create real-time cut scenes within the Unity editor itself. This tends to be a personal preference of mine because it ensures that the quality of your cut scenes is consistent with in-game footage. One thing that I hate is when cut scenes look better than game graphics.

Here is a tool that has had a lot of good feedback which might be ideal for your case:

Hi soulburner

Personal Indie tips!

First, look for tutorials about simple animations on Unity3D. It will help you!

1 - If you need some complex cut scenes wich requires a big part or the whole map:

(Like this → FarCry 3 - Ubisoft),

I suggest you to create another scene (or copy the needed scene and adjust) to support all these big Hollywood animations, cameras, codes & stuffs (DON’T FORGET ABOUT EFFECTS & SHADERS!). And you could add a lot of cameras that has different roles.

This way you would create/edit a bunch of animation clips and some codes to coordinate all.

2 - Otherwise, if you want to make little Cut scenes:

  • Don’t be scared about creating new pieces of codes and duplicate
    some prefabs! Don’t only mess with one piece of code!

Create some new codes that you will apply to actual objects, If too complex (customized player, clothes, accessories, etc)… then ADD new codes and animations to originals objects! I assure you! More is better! Don’t put all your codes about interactive objects in 1 script!

(Like this → GTA San Andreas - Rockstar There are lots of customization.)

By the way! Look for “Animator - Timeline Editor” On the asset store! I’m beginning with it and I like it!

Bests, Math

There are some great tools in the Asset Store. Also take a look at Cinema Director, or that with Cinema Pro Cams.

Adventure creator is awesome as well, and integrates with Cinema Director.

Good luck!