Best way to Debug Network games? (multiple instances of executable)

I was wondering, what is the best way of debugging network games?

Back when I was using DarkBasic, I would just re-run the temporary executable created whenever I compiled the game, and work from there. However I cant find the executable created by Unity whenever you run the game - I thought it would naturally be in the Temp\bin\Debug directory (on Windows), but it isnt there (its not hidden). Does anyone know where it is, or if it exists?

I read here that a way of doing this is by duplicating your entire project, but this seems overkill.

How do you guys do it?
Any help would be appreciated :slight_smile:

Unity doesn’t execute your game from a standalone- the file that gets run is the .unity scene file, and the program that runs it is the Unity Editor. To debug your multiplayer game, use ‘Build and Run’ and then find the log file that is outputted by the executable (it’ll be somewhere in your user directory) to get debug information. The reason you never leave the Editor when you are creating your games is because the Editor is also a wrapper for the Unity runtime environment.