best way to develop multi resolution games

Hi, i currently developing games for mobile devices, i have a problem, when i developing at unity game, im using 800x480 resolution, but when i release the prototype of it many devices having different resolution got screen problem like the display is cropped or even worse in his display showing my offset screen that showing gameobject component that the user shouldn’t know…

i wondering what is the best way to do this stuff ? i can’t make asset for many resolution, and even i developing for just some aspect ratio not for spesific resolution, how can it be done in the “best way”?

any help would be a great help for me.

There are many ways to acomplish this. What i used was a plugin called NGUI.
With NGUI you have two vital components for this: UIAnchor and UIStretch.
I dont know on the new Unity 4 GUI System , but i believe the concept will be similar.

Just anchor your sprites to the corners, use center, top, bottom align and stretch your sprites based on the current device resolution, you need to maintain PROPORTION.

If you want a crisp UI that looks equal equal on every device, there is a lot documentation on Android about screen density.

Look in the Unity docs for the Screen Class methods too, that helps.

Good luck!