Best Way To Do Paint?

I want to make a blob of paint, which is just a spherical object that when it hits something will explode and then surrounding objects will have paint on them?

I’ve been searching and some things that seemed useful were changing texture or using particle effect but each had their negatives that made me feel like perhaps there is a better alternative?

EDIT: I’m now thinking more of a ‘thick’ liquid which would stick to surfaces but in a big lump (so it wouldn’t just change the colour of the walls). Akin to spilling a whole litre of paint in one place, it’d be puddle of paint…hard to describe :stuck_out_tongue:

If you want to have your ‘paint’ to react really realistically with your environment, probably the best choice is indeed a Particle System with collision enabled. You can have a particle that bursts open, but when the individual particles hit another collider, you can make them stick to that surface.

You can achieve this by setting the bounce factor to 0 in the Collision pane of the Shuriken particle inspector.

Good luck :wink:

Particle effects are indeed a good way of doing your explosion.
For the paint on the surroundings, that’s a bit harder, but you could use decals. There’s decal frameworks to achieve that , you can also make your own decal system, even though that’s a bit harder.
For that decal framework, I found it on some websites, but i’m not sure if it’s still up to date and on the asset store - but here’s some info about it → Decal Framework