Best way to equip a 2D character?

Hi Guys,

I’m trying to think of the best way to equip a 2D sprite character. I have a sprite with multiple animations. I’m planning on being able to equip a plethora of items on him without redrawing the entire sprite. The goal is to have ultimate customization. Think “paper doll.”

I’m looking for suggestions on how to do this. I’m using ex2D to animate my sprites. I was planning on having a cube hold my sprite then having multiple thin cubes in front of that, each layer containing another article of equipment.

I’d like to hear some opinions and maybe tips, anyone ever tried anything like this?


I’m afraid I don’t really understand your question (are you basically say ing how to change the sprite??)

But it’s extremely likely that 2DTOOLKIT would help you immensely, and it’s very likely that the amazing SMOOTH MOVES could be relevant to what you are asking - it’s an amazing product.

Grab them both in the Asset store and enjoy.