Best way to get the rigidbody2d of a trigger collider?

I have an object that I want players to collide with which damages them, but does not impede them. I have set it to be a trigger. The problem with setting it to a trigger is I no longer get the information about the player that has been hit, but the collider that is a child of the player object.

 + RigidBody2d  
 - Graphic  
   + Collider2d  

 - Collider2d  

(+'s are components -'s are nested game objects)

In my on OnTriggerEnter I get the collider2d which gives me the Graphic game object, but I want the player game object (the one with the rigid body and the tagging for physics). I want to know what a good solution for this is, because each thing I think of seems hacky. For instance putting a script on any object with a collider that is a child of Player that just keeps reference to player to be accessed in the OnTriggerEnter function.

in the graphic object use


If “Player” is a GameObject and “Graphic” is another GameObject that is a child of “Player”, you should be able to get the rigidbody2D with: