Best way to handle a weapons store system?

What would be the best way to put guns into my game? If I have guns like this:

5 Assault Guns
5 Sub-Machine Guns
2 Light-Machine Guns
3 Pistols
2 Shotguns

and the player needs to ‘level up’ before they can buy the guns etc., what would be the best way to display these guns with a gui system? I want it to be proportional to the screen when it changes so they are equally spaced but are also not overlapping the edge of the background GUI, etc. just so they are in the same constant position. I’m not going to use guitextures for the guns, just show the name of them. Anyone have ideas even storing the names of the guns (should they be hard-coded or have an array to put them in, and how would I do that)? Thanks.

Id recommend using a list which contains the gameobjects. Better even would be to create a custom class that holds extra information such as the required level, a cost, etc and put one of the weapons in that class. Make a list of that class and output the information in the GUI.

You can use screen.width and screen.height. Using this, you can make the gui always proportional. (1 weapon item would be screen.height/10 and screen width/5). This way, no matter on what screen size you play, it will always appear the same (relative).