Best way to implement the same GUI from scene to scene

Short and Sweet:

Working on my first adventure game with multiple locations/scenes.
Never had to have a persistent GUI/inventory system going on, so I am wondering what is the best way to create a GUI/inventory system and have it persist through the scenes. (GUI/Inventory are separate things, but in my mind very closely related.)
** Should mention that I have the GUI/Inventory system already created. **

My idea is to create the GUI/inventory system on the first scene, then load the variable data from said players adventure file, using something like the asset: “Save Game Free-Gold Update”.

Am I on the right track here? Any pitfalls to avoid or prepare for ?

Sounds like something you could use the singleton pattern for. With a singleton, you can make sure that only one instance of your GUI/Inventory exists throughout the game and they can be communicated with globally.

Read through the docs and do some googling about it if you are unfamiliar with the design and feel free to follow up with new questions. :slight_smile: