Best way to learn how to utilize the Unity API?

So I’m new to Unity, and it seems pretty smooth so far. Been watching videos both here and on Youtube. Running through a series about creating basic elements of a 2D platformer.

I came here from learning SOME Java, after one glance at C# I figured out the transition between the two seemed pretty painless.

So while going through the 2D platformer series I don’t have an issue with actually reading the code you know? But its all of the API that is overwhelming. So I can read the code, but don’t understand why the tutorial is using what it uses. So I guess one question is: Is there a better way to learn the Unity API and figure out what is necessary for a certain code?

Then there is always the fact that I may learn something but never actually be able to conceptualize it or come up with it in my head without straight up ripping off a tutorial but that just seems to mean I need practice I guess.

You can find documentation about Unity’s API at this page → Unity Docs

So as long as you know the basics about what you want, you can then search for it there and it’ll tell you about the required parameters and return types of functions, all of the different things you can do with the classes, and so on. Though one thing to note is that some of the pages don’t have very in depth explanations, but at a minimum they’ll still give you parameters and what not.

As for conceptualizing the code, that’s just something you’ll learn over time as you get used to all of the general API elements. There’s not really any tutorials or anything that can do that for you, just time and patience and you’ll eventually know :slight_smile:

Haha I guess I will have to read it, I was just checking to see if there was a better way. Guess I better start browsing it!