Best way to make levels in Unity?

This is kind of a question for game design in general. But for 3D games, should I be designing levels in Unity? Or making them in Blender and then porting them over? Or a mix of the two? I kind of just need a point in the right direction here.

Hi. When it comes to objects, it’s definitely better to design them in Blender. Unity only gives you simple items like a cube or capsule. Designing objects in blender also gives you the opportunity to reduce the number of objects in the game, which leads to a reduction in the use of computer processing power. I hope I helped you somehow. Sorry if that’s not the answer to your question

As a general beginning, unless you have substantial 3D modeling experience already, you will likely rely on premade assets and tools to help you. Small objects can be modeled or built in Unity using some tools. Blender is a big option for creating pretty much any 3D object with more control.

There are several ways to go about this, and can change drastically depending on your project type. For general world building, here are some ideas:

-Unity’s built-in Terrain system

– or a more high end generators like Gaia

-procedural generation where your code generates the mesh

-whiteboxing buildings/levels with built-in ProBuilder

–or use premade whiteboxing like “Synty’s POLYGON Prototype”

-custom blender builds

-use shaders to change the entire “look and feel” of the environment’s looks

Each one of these can be a deep topic, so you will likely have to make decisions on what you want before you go further. And there are plenty of options I didn’t even mention.

Honestly, no matter what type of level you want, low poly(low detail), high poly(high detail), walls terrain, anything, just go with blender, yeah sure pro builder will help you not leave unity for that but it is wayyy slower, blender is 10x faster, and after you get the hang of making levels using blender and importing them, it will be very easy