Best way to make ramps

I’m designing a map with multiple height levels (using the paint height terrain tool). What is the best way to paint ramps to go from one height level to another? I would like fairly smooth ramps, like linear change in height.

I found using an external tool like Photoshop is best for this, and it’s probably quicker than trying to do it manually, or making custom Terrain brushes. Export your existing terrain as a height map, load in to PS and use the gradient tool to create a ramp, where black = minimum height, white = max height. This will give you a linear slope. Save, and re-import. If you start from an exported terrain map, all formating details (RAW) should be correct, and you should be able to see on the map the existing terrain features you made in Unity.
(I haven’t tried it in the most recent version of Unity, but there used to be a bug where the right/left got flipped during the import/export, but it was easy to flip it over correctly in PS before exporting)

Inside Unity, can use the SetHeight brush (the first button just raises the terrain up and up and up. The second lets you pick the target height.) Jack up the opacity so it goes faster, and make a bunch of plateaus. Make them a little wider than you need. If you use a fuzzy brush, the edges are sometimes perfect. If not, take the Smoothing brush on the edges. A larger brush gives a longer ramp.

I’ve the smooth tool do nothing on occasion. Play around with the settings, brush shape (not sure it soft edge or hard edge was better for me.) It really does work, eventually,

The setHeight brush is also good for overall contours. Set it huge, paint up 1/3rd of the map to 5 meters, and smooth the edges later.

Note that setHeight starts at about 300 meters, which seems a mite high. That’s becuase the default max height is 600. Can be helpful, before painting and heights, to reset maxHt to what you really need (TerrainButton->setTresolution.) Then flattenHeightmap to raise the entire height a little. With the height at 0, you can’t dig-out a stream bed or anything. While you’re there, switch to wireFrame and adjust heightMap resolution (you have to use a brush to see the real size.) If you want very smooth contours, can increase square size and save space. If you’re peaks look a little chunky, make the squares smaller.

Can also use the first raiseHeight button. The default setting can make jagged peaks, but if you turn the opacity way down, you can build up a ramp in 5-6 strokes. If you get opacity just right, you can get the gradient you want in one stroke.

Agree with Zaffer. I too am having trouble. I have PS CS5 Extended at school so I’ll see what I can do there.

Using an exported height-map into Photoshop and then applying a gradient to the selected area works fine. There are a few little quirks if you are not 100% sure what you are doing but overall this is a nice way to make steady slopes if you don’t have a ramp tool.
The result may be a bit grainy, but the smooth tool can fix that.

SOrry for very late post, but I think its relevant, bc even today there are no pure ramps in out of box unity,after ALL this time, nadda.

Yes you can make horizontal ones, but there is no way, unlike in UE4 that I can see, to put down two control points, and push return and get a decent ramp of the near exact angle you want. Thats really crappy of unity team.

Those kinds of ramps , mesh based I mean, -won’t help much if you are even half way serious about utilizing ramps, in VERY specific areas, around say taller terrain areas.

Its a shame unity doesn’t have a ‘default ramp tool’, like UE4 does.
I may have to stop development for this reason,as I’m not about to PaY for the privilege of buying one no matter how cheap it is,when its free in UE4 and other engines.

I guess unity wants us to spend all our money on plugins, hence why the editor is SO basic out of the box.

Simply disgusting.