Best way to move up and down character

My character moves forward back left and right with “wasd keys” but i want to move up and down like bee or something like that with “q and e” keys. What is the best way to this any idea?

Depending on how you would like your movement to work you could use something like Rigidbody.Addforce or Transform.Translate

Simply input your Y axis instead of using X and Z values.

I take it that you know how to make use of this. If not, notify me and I can help with your script.

EDIT: Took my time and created this. Not very advanced and easy to customize.

import UnityEngine;

var character : Rigidbody;
var thrust : float;
// Use this for initialization
function Start () {
character = GetComponent.<Rigidbody>();

// Update is called once per frame
function Update () {

    if (Input.GetKey(KeyCode.Q)){
		character.AddForce(Vector3.up * thrust);

    if (Input.GetKey(KeyCode.E)){
		character.AddForce(Vector3.down * thrust);


Depends of the type of character. Usually for high speed characters, like dragons, high speed birds etc, to cant go backwards, has a key for throttle/aceleration (like space, or numbers to specific speed), and other for airbrakes/desaceleration (shift, or number 0, or backspace do decrease numbers) and the W/A/S/D for up/dow, left/right.

On slow speed characters, like insects or helicopters, that can fly backwards, usually are assigned the key arrows to up/down, but not is a criteria. Some games, (like novalogic f-22) combine throttle acceleration with arrows inverse (i.e. arrow up for tilt down), leaving W/A/S/D for other functions, like team orders (W), or auto-pilot(A).

All the helicopters of battlefield saga have the W/A/S/D to manage the rotors (horizontal rotation, and up/down), and the mouse to unbalance the main rotor (forward/backward and left/right), as secondary option usually uses the arrows to unbalance the main rotor.

The helicopters of GTA saga (more simplest aerodynamic simulation), have the W/A/S/D to unbalance the main rotor, and the space to up/down, if you release the space the rotor reduces speed and the helicopter starts going down, if maintain pressed the space, increment altitude until reaches a maximum.
hope this helps, and forgive my bad english.