Best way to obtain assets from a server.

Hello Everyone!

Unity 4.x pro
iOS/Android platform base.

The game I am going to be working on requires assets to be downloaded from a server based on the level chosen. Since this requires the game to be online, the player is also supposed to have the option to download the assets and have them saved, so that the levels can be played offline as well (this also includes the ability to delete those assets later).

I have little to no experience in server/web development (I’ve focused on mainly in-game code and development) and probably wouldn’t find the best way to go about this sort of thing on my first try. This is just a general question on downloading assets. What are the best hosts for the server? What are some tips or strategies to use given what I want to accomplish? What are some resources, plugins, or links I should look at before moving forward? Honestly, any and all help you can give is appreciated, even if you find it may be redundant or elementary.

Thank you everyone for any and all help.

You are describing exactly the case for Asset Bundles. These can be downloaded and there is built in caching for them.

You build the assets or scenes into bundles and download and load them later.