Best way to optimization for my game ? (4 device Profiler)

i am developing my new 3d game. My game is infinite racing. i am instantiating objects. Models are low poly but it is lagging (ipad3,Asus tablet,htc one m9) . working good some devices (general mobile discovery 2,iPhone 6,samsung s6)

What is my problem ? What can i do for optimizing?

my device profilers (ipad3,Asus tablet,htc one m9,iPhone 6)
asus Tablet game Scene
asus Tablet menu Scene
htc M9 game Scene
htc M9 menu Scene
ipad3 game Scene
ipad3 menu Scene
iphone6 game Scene
iphone6 menu Scene

Take a look at my quick performance tips here:

Also see these great profiling tips:

Also, a little more specific help for your game:

Don’t just instantiate/destroy objects for performance reasons. It is a much better to create an object pooling system that instantiates objects at the start of the game and reuses the same few objects.

Let me know if this helps :sunglasses:

what settings should ? :smiley: