Best way to optimize a millipede?

I am making a game with a highly detailed, animated trilobite model in it. (If you don't know what a trilobite is, think of it like a millipede with multiple segments, each having a pair of independently moving legs and gills that animate in a wavelike motion). Each segment trails behind in the head's path, and follows the terrain accordingly. It works great, but I'm running into performance problems with multiple trilobites.

Each trilobite contains 60 different models: 1 head 1 tail 15 segments with gills (animated) 15 pairs of legs (animated) 6 individual front legs (animated) 6 individual front gills (animated) 8 individual back legs (animated) 8 individual back gills (animated)

This all adds up to about 15,000 triangles, but I'm thinking that the main performance problems stem from the fact that it's 60 different models, as opposed to just one.

Does anybody know of a way to optimize this, other than combining models? Is there any way to speedily draw multiple instances of the same model?

Unfortunately there isn't an easy way to do this until unity 3 comes out (And even then, that's only if it has dynamic batching with your preferred rendering path).

Is there a reason it's made up of 60 models instead of much fewer ones, manipulated with bones? My guess is that it'll run a heck of a lot faster that way