Best way to position text on the side of a cube

Hey Guys,

Working on completing my first game in Unity (started once before, but gave up after a lot of render/clipping issues no one could explain); having a lot more success with this one :slight_smile:

Here’s the current setup:

Current Setup

What I want to do, is write a score text on the side of that gray brick on the top; it will hold dice up top and I want to display the current player + the combined value of the die there.

What’s the best way to go about this?



Found my own solution while watching [this youtube video][1]; just use GameObject → 3d → 3d text and position it manually for now.

The contents can be dynamically set using this in your scripts:

public GameObject GekozenStenenTextObject;

All you need to do is link it to the script (or get a reference via code).
[1]: - YouTube