Best way to protect www post to a php file ?

Hello everybody ! I’m wandering if I can block post requests that aren’t from my game in my php file ? Or can I send totaly hidden www post to my php file ? I want to prevent anyone to insert information manually in my database. Sorry for my bad english and thanks in advance !

Edit :
My game communicate with a server with a php file. The php file link the game to the database. For the moment I use the database only as a leaderboard but i would like to use it to store saves and passwords. So i want to protect all communications by hiding them or something.

Use HTTPS and an expected handshake signature like AppID + current time + random GUID, plus whatever your command/data is.

Your server will at least know that somebody is using your AppID, knew to send the current time and knew to send a GUID of the type you require. (The GUID makes each transmission variable instead of static.)