Best way to render bunch of cubes/planes?

Id like to make a game based on cubes or planes similar to voxels. Something like a 3d-pixel game. What is the best way to do?

I tried Graphics.Drawmeshes, but after making 100x100 planes the fps drops to 8-10..

You need to combine all the cubes into one giant mesh and remove the internal faces. There is a great YouTube series on making a Minecraft clone in unity, that should help. 1.

i have to agree with @Bunny83 here and this is also the reason for LOD on spawned and in world assets and even scene work. as well as level generation procedurally done.

They also use a method called chunks, which means loading and deloading objects that aren’t in view distance of the camera anymore. This should prevent you from having to render unnecessary amounts of gameobjects in your scene.