Best way to save and load all objects and their parameters in a scene.

I’m trying to read up on serializable. But I was wondering if unity has a simple way to save every gameobject/ including all those instantiated and their parameters/scripts with references to a file. And how to load that scene state?

Is there an easy way to do it without rewriting all the code so that every game object that gets instantiated gets put into a list of gameobjects that is serialized?

Would there be a simple way to collect all gameobjects currently in a scene and save/load them? Does anyone have a clear tutorial on this?

If you want to save data use PlayerPrefs class.

You can also select all GameObjects in The scene and copy them to current or another scene.

No, unity does not have a simple way to do this, you will have to use the unity serializer or code your own.

This is disappointing. You can save scenes in the editor all they had to do is allow scene state to be saved at runtime. I don’t know maybe it’s not simple. Other game engines like renpy or rpg maker comes with save system out of the box but I guess argument can be made that unity is not limited to one type of game like the other engines. PlayerPref is just a no no for saving general game data other than storing game settings (audio, graphics , controls etc). Serialization seems to be the only way. But if your game is more than a few classes big this gets tedious. Maybe I am doing something wrong hope experts will show how they do it. Not only is it lot of work if you have lots of things to save but also if you have something to add later it is a lot of extra work.