Best way to save in-app purchases


I am developing an app that has in-app purchases. These in-app purchases are non-consumable, which means that each one should be bought only once by the player. For example, new levels.

I do not know what would be the best way to save which purchases the user has made.

If I store the information with playerprefs, then all the purchases will be gone once the app is uninstalled, which is bad. Would a database work better? Or does unity/google play/ios offer their own solutions for this problem?

Have a great day!

Use the native game services of each platform, they all have some means of storing data that is linked to their app store account meaning that the users will never loose a purchase by re-installing or using a different device. Google Play Game Services, Apple GameCenter and Amazon GameCircle all provide this.

My friend and I made an asset a while back and makes it easier to get up and running quickly.
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