Best way to save large amount of data locally?

I am working on a 2D game which will be later used as advertisement activity on a stall, I need to store user information, Name, Number, Email and score. There data may exceed to thousands entries. What will be the best and free way to implement it in unity5? Game will be deployed on android.

Unity Answers is not a good place to ask subjective questions, and you haven’t included enough information to recommend a “best” approach anyway: how you want to retrieve the information again?

  • Do you need to query the data to pull back records that match a certain criteria? If so, you’ll want a structured database. SqlLite is one good option.
  • If you read the whole data back en masse and want a format that’s easy to edit and parse you could use XML, or even a plain text file.
  • Do you want to reduce the risk of the player being able to tamper with the data? If so, you’ll want to submit a web request to store it on a server rather than on the client device.