Best way to save the postition of 800+ GameObjects?

Hey peoples.

Basically the title says it all, what would be the best way to save the position of everything in the game world? I currently have the player position and stats saving and loading but I don't know how to approche the gameobjects.


There are multiple ways to approach an issue like this.

A) Do it the super easy way, save it ALL as a single prefab and create it when you need it. This however has its downsides and it is going to be the same every single time.

B) Another method is to save your positions into a set of 2d arrays, which can be complex, but potentially useful.

C) (A method I am using right now) You can generate grid patterns by using a set of for loops that create objects with a certain distance between rows and columns. This method however is only useful for creating grids.

D) A method that is a mix of A) and B), which is to save the entire environment as a collection of organized prefabs and then use code to spawn them as you need them.

These options are how I would deal with such challenges, but undoubtedly there are smarter ways people have devised.