Best way to spell hit a target 2D tile based game.


The player can move for all directions however he moves from one tile to other, he cant move to one tile and a half or just half tile, always 1 tile peer movement. So for that im using a

transform.position = Vector2.MoveTowards(transform.position, _destination, playerSpeed);

So my problem is, i want to ignore the tiles in Spell movement, i just want to create a direct route to target ignoring the tiles if the tiles are walkable, if the tiles B and C are not walkable i cant send a spell, i mean, the spell must able to move from (1.1, -1.3), (1.5,-1.9) etc…

So fallows a image that represents how player moves and how i want to spell moves.


Consider using RayCast and Colliders. It will help you immensely without having to devise and implement any algorithm.