Best way to store / activate levels in a game?

Currently building a game, with 4 levels, each with their own level trigger, but would like to have a system where it’s easy to add more, preferable storing them in some sort of list. The process for activating them would be done by:

Creating a level trigger > giving it a name / tag(ID) > (when triggered) search through a list for the level with the matching name / tag > then activate that level.

I was thinking of creating an abstract class “Level”, create a subclass of it “GetLevel”, then create methods within the subclass “LevelOne”, “LevelTwo” etc.

Is this the best way? And is anyone able to give a brief example of how it can be implemented?

i dont really understand why you need an abstract class and create a different class for each of the levels, what kind of methods those classes would implement?

i would go for an easier solution, a struct called levels like this (the id property is just in case you want to store it in a dictionary )

public struct Levels
    public string id;
    public int buildIndex;
    public bool isActive;

    public Level(string _id, int _index, bool _isActive = false)
       isActive = _isActive;
       buildIndex = _index;
       id = _id;

all the levels saved in a dictionary

Dictionary<string, Level> levels = new Dictionary<string, Level>();

add the levels with your desired key

levels.Add("YourFirstLevel", new Level("YourFirstLevel", 1));

and when you want to access the index just access whenever you trigger by the key/tag

public int LevelByKey(string key)
    return levels[key].index;