Best way to store large quantities of information

What’s the best way to store large quantities of data?

Not too sure if this is beyond beginner skill but whatever…

My project consists of a A LOT of skills, and hard-coding each of them individually is getting a little frustrating. Basically, what i’m look for is a more efficient way to create, store and call the many variables that make up each individual skill. Something like a xls file where I can just input the information onto a spreadsheet, have my project “Search” for the skills and populate or update the “list” or array in the scripts. Kinda like synchronizing between script and spreadsheet… anyway…

At the moment i’m just using enums and creating skills for each enum with the base variables, but the hard coding is tedious and is only going to get worse as the list of skills is potentially huge.

If you could recommend me to any tutorials as well that will cover the topic, I would appreciate that.


You can actually use xls files, here are some top results from a 2 seconds search

Use ScriptableObject. It’s Unity’s built-in method for handling that kind of data. You can easily make a custom editor in Unity to create and edit these objects and Unity will automatically save changes when you save the project.