Best way to structure unity app

I don’t know if I wrote the question right, but bare with me. I am thinking of trying to make an app for a change, and I have a question about interface.

In a mobile app, there is typical more windows you can visit, like “home”, “recipes”, “information” and so on.
The question is, would it be best to have all the different pages/windows in on single scene, or have a scene for each page/window? What would be best, and why?

I think you should keep it in a single scene as long as the windows dont have drastically different behaviour / a lot of assets. Mainly because of easier transitions, referencing, etc…

It will be fine to have a single scene. If the entire game changed behavior between the two scenes (eg: The bar turned into a bar fight instead of serving drinks) then having 2 different scenes to recommended. Having a single popup will be fine as the popup will need to disappear and reappear at runtime.

If you have a lot of different popups that appear in the game and different sections of the game (Mainmenu, game, travel map, etc…) and want to spend time on a good UI flow then it’s good to practice to have them in different scenes. But for a few handful of popups you will be fine with it all in one scene.