Best way to update at a regular interval?

So, I’m making a fighting game that requires everything to update on a frame by frame basis. That means everything has to update every 1/60th of a second without fail, and that means animations as well. I was using FixedUpdate but some reading lead me to believe that it’s not as reliable as the docs made it sound.

So my question twofold:

  1. What would be the most efficient way to handle updates at a fixed, regular interval
  2. Is there a cost efficient way to force the animator to update at the same time as the rest?

Thanks a lot

You cannot guarantee 60 frames a second, but you may down prioritise things that are less crucial to skip some frames so you’re more likely to stay on or above 60 frames a sec. A good practice would be to keep the overall workload of the GPU and CPU at a somewhat stable level. Spikes should be dealt with when optimizing.