Best Way To Use Sprite For Platform Game

Hey guys ,
so im building a platformer 2d game
all of the platform , terrain are painted in photoshop and they are in a huge psd file.
my question is , what is the best method i can use to import and use them ?
what i do now is , i import them as a normal sprite with a max size of 4096 and place them in the scene and then add collider and etc …

but is there any better and efficient way ?! like i use them as a scale able texture or something like that ?!

Generally speaking, you don’t paint one big level in photoshop and then import it into Unity. What you do is create a number of small assets - individual platforms, plants, trees, buildings, whatever, which you create prefabs from. You then construct your level in Unity by placing duplicate copies of those individual prefabs.

@tanoshimi tnx for your replay
our game art style is different ad it should be painted .
i know what your are talking about but i cant do in this project .
our game is some thing like samorost 3 , i will attach some screen shot from it .
its all about artwork and cant be separated .