[beta 7] (Case 943170) Windows Mixed Reality: Far Clip and RenderTexture.GenerateMips error

In beta 7 using Windows Mixed Reality, there is an immediate and always existing issue of far plane not rendering correctly even though the setting is correct on the camera.

Also, I get an endless stream of the following error:

RenderTexture.GenerateMips failed: render texture does not have mip maps (set useMipMap to true).

Same here. I was not having this error in beta 6.

The far clip plane bug is present in beta 8 as well. The infinite recurring RenderTexture.GenerateMips error message is gone but is replaced by a finite set of the following error message:

Assertion failed: Assertion failed on expression: 'false && "unsupported texture format"'

I am having the exact same problem with beta 8.

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I am having the same issue Unity b8. It only shows when I have the HMD plugged in.

I don't see the issue in B4.

Thanks for reporting this issue. We already have a fix but it still needs to be backported to 2017.1 and 2017.2.

Any idea on which 2017.2 beta release this will make its way into?

If this is the issue where the far clipping plane is very close (and everything beyond is black), then I am having this issue in the 2b8 preview. This occurs both when using the AH100 headset, as well as using the simulator. And like @gfaline I did not have this problem in beta 2b6.

This is making my testing nearly impossible. Please fix as quickly as you can.

Also, if you need to reproduced this, get Microsoft's Mixed Reality 250 project and run Chapter 5 (where you are immersive and on the island and are ready to walk up the beach). Everything beyond the beach is clipped to black. Ref: https://developer.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/mixed-reality/mixed_reality_250. Note: You'll need to get the latest GitHub pulls to remove the compiler errors (since some of the calls have been deprecated).


Same problem here on 2017.1.0p5 - does anybody have a workaround?

Still happening in Beta 9.

Agreed. 2b9 did not fix the problem. Can anyone from Unity give us a guesstimate on when this might be fixed?

The branch with the fix was merged with the main repository two days ago, so hopefully it will be backported soon.

Same problem in the current p5, deving for HoloLens.

This is fixed for me in Beta 10.

Fixed for me in Beta 10 as well.

2b10 works for me too. Thank you Team Unity!

2b11 didn't work for me.

2b11 continues to work for me.

Could you specify what is not working for you?

Has the fix been deployed to 2017.1.1f1? I'm still seeing an endless stream of the RenderTexture error.

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