Beta Console Error: material.sharedMaterialData

As of the start of the 5.4 beta (and up to 5.4beta20 at least) I get the following error spammed constantly in my console:

material.sharedMaterialData -> smallMaterialIndex != 0

There's no additional info with this error and it just triggers constantly on play. It doesn't seem to affect the rendering or execution of anything in my scene though. Has anyone else experienced this error or can offer any insight?

Hey, smallMaterialIndex is part of a key for sorting renderable objects.
In this case the key might be "incorrect", so things might be rendered in a bit less efficient ORDER than "ideally" expected - do have in mind that they are rendered with correct materials.
This only affects depth(-normal) pass though and graphically there should be no difference.

But in any case if you could create a bug report with a repro it would be great to look at it to figure out HOW exactly the index becomes 0.


Hey, Is this bug fixed yet?
I got the same error with chingwa and I use TENKOKU and SUIMONO.