Beta testing on Android. How do you do it?


Our game is in our final stage prior to be released. I would like at this stage to add some beta testers to let them hunt bugs, etc… I have seen that in the asset store there is a TestFlight plugin but only for android, so, How do you do your beta testing on unity android? Do you use any tools, workflow, etc…?

Thanks in advance.

We use TestFlight, you just upload your APK and invite people. You can go further by adding TestFlight SDK which allows you to get crash dumps and perform logging on every device.

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I am the Founder of elusivestars an recommend an iterative approach to your testing.

Start with small 5-10 users in each test, and leverage the feedback to make incremental improvements.

Once you reach a point where the feedback indicates the quality is in your target range, run a larger test 25-50 testers to validate.

Repeat the above process until you are satisfied with the feedback.
On elusivestars, the larger tests also give you insight into target demographics.

Some additional detail about elusivestars:
elusivestars is setup to give you a perspective from real users using real devices. The testing quickly helps you identify where your App excels and where it may need improvement. To ensure the feedback is actionable it is categorized as follows:

  • Overall Rating
  • Useful or Fun
  • Easy to Learn
  • Easy to Use
  • Stable
  • Trust App/Developer
  • Original
  • Performance
  • Attractive
  • App icon (A/B testing)

Google recently released a Beta Test feature to the Google Play store: Ministry of Product | Welcome to the Ministry of Product. We are a product consulting firm that can help you get a product launched and find product market fit.